The Children of Elsinore - a reimagining of Hamlet

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The Children of Elsinore – a reimagining of the story of Hamlet is a unique production bringing together the combined talents of Barker alumni, Junior, Middle and Senior School students – the first-time audiences will enjoy such a combined performance.

With original music and soundscape from Barker’s choir, The Children of Elsinore is written and directed by Ross McGregor, with Phillip Heath as Executive Producer. Ross McGregor's career has been substantial in live theatre and television. We are delighted that Barker alumni and students will have the opportunity to perform together on stage and learn from Ross’ extensive experience in the industry.

In The Children of Elsinore the audience is transported back in time, when Hamlet and Ophelia were teenagers, exploring the relationships, the conflicts and the tragedy that consumes these two families - Polonius, his teenage children, Laertes and Ophelia, and the Royal family, Queen Gertrude, King Hamlet, King Claudius, & son Hamlet.