Barker's academic program is a whole-school approach to learning. We have a curriculum that is rigorous and which values inquiry, thinking and understanding. The teaching staff at Barker are committed to curriculum development and delivery, unified by a shared sense of purpose as expressed in our Mission and Vision.

Pastoral Care

Research suggests that a strong relationship with pastoral care leaders is paramount to creating a sense of belonging and academic morale.  With the size of a pastoral care unit at Barker at approximately 22 students, every student is known and cared for.

Our Pastoral Care system sees the welfare of the students as the responsibility of all staff with key staff in House and Year leadership roles have overarching responsibility for students' care.

Adaptive and Flexible

Barker's curriculum is adaptive and flexible, allowing for student choice and catering for interest and ability. Within a Teaching for Understanding framework, Barker students are taught to think critically, apply knowledge in new situations and develop the skills needed to become lifelong learners.  We use data to track student progress during each year and from year to year, giving us a deep understanding of student strengths, areas for improvement and development over time.