A unique coeducational boarding experience for Senior students.

Coeducational boarding is a unique experience offered to our senior students, starting in Year 10. By learning, growing and living together, students form bonds that will often last a lifetime.

Families can consider keeping their children closer to home until the end of Year 9 and then elect to enter boarding from the start of Year 10. Barker offers a number of programs that aim to support the boarders to find their role as citizens of the world. The programs have a focus on the development of life skills, personal resilience, mental fitness and encouraging students to develop their individual strengths.

With a long history of supporting country families, we give preference to students who are coming to Barker from rural and regional areas.

Country families are encouraged to get in touch with our Enrolments Office to arrange a tour of the campus and our boarding facilities.

"Our aim is to foster an environment of mutual trust and respect, through open dialogue and shared understanding." - Jared Scoines, Head of Boarding.

Pastoral Care and Support Programs

Our programs of pastoral care and support have been developed to meet the needs of young people as they strive to meet their academic responsibilities whilst also allowing them to explore their sporting, musical, artistic, performing arts and outdoor educational aspirations. Jared Scoines and his Boarding team aim to help Barker's young people develop an understanding of who they are and where they might contribute in life beyond Barker.