Enrolment Steps

Step 1 : Registration

Barker has lengthy waiting lists in all year groups. Due to this high demand, please call the Enrolments Office prior to completing this online registration form so we can discuss the waiting lists for particular year groups with you. Please ensure that you have a copy of your child's birth certificate and citizenship documents, if applicable, before commencing a registration. You will need to complete the registration in one sitting. 

Entry into Barker is subject to the availability of places and many of these are secured years in advance. Having a child currently at Barker does not guarantee a sibling a place. Siblings do receive priority on the waiting list.

Enrolments Steps2

Step 2 : Tour

Barker runs regular tours throughout each School term. We do not have an Open Day, as we prefer to show you around the School on a normal working day.

You do not need to book on a tour prior to registering your child. 

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Step 3 : Selected for Questionnaire

Selected applicants will be asked to complete a full application which includes a questionnaire to be filled out by the child in their handwriting. This is to be submitted with NAPLAN, school reports, parent questionnaire and two written references for the family.

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Step 4 : Selected for Interview

After documents have been reviewed and if there are places available, selected applicants may be invited to be interviewed by a senior member of staff. This interview is an important component of the application process and can occur up to two years prior to entry. Due to the high demand for places it is not possible to interview all applicants.

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Step 5 : Background Questionnaire & Interview Meeting

This interview provides the opportunity for the School to seek more information about your child.

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Step 6 : Offer Made

For any student, if the offer is declined the application is cancelled. Should you wish to apply for another year group, a new Enrolment Registration Form is required.

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Step 7 : Offer Accepted

An offer of a place is accepted by the parent/guardian through payment of the non-refundable Admission Fee and return of a signed copy of the Enrolment Acceptance Contract. You have two weeks from the date of offer to accept.

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