Applying For A Place

Barker offers confirmed places to students applying to enter Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Year 3, Year 5 and Year 7 in strict order of date of application and subject to the School's priority list.


Securing a Place

To hold the place once offered, a Confirmation Fee is payable within 14 days of the offer being made. The non-refundable Confirmation Fee, which is currently $2250, represents the first moiety (50%) of the Barker College Admission Fee, the balance of which is then payable prior to the student's entry to the School.

There is high demand for the limited places we offer in both Barker's Junior and Middle Schools and places are filled a number of years in advance. If positions are available we will offer a Confirmed Place immediately on receipt of your completed Enrolment Registration in order of date of application. Students who do not have a Confirmed Place will be placed on a Waiting List by order of date of application and subject to the School's priority list. Students who are not offered a place will have their application rolled over to the next year.

A student commencing at Barker is expected to be turning the appropriate age for that school grade by 31 March of that year - e.g. a student entering Kindergarten, is expected to be turning 5 by 31 March in the year in which they enter Kindergarten. See Year of Entry Guide. However, if your child has already commenced school we will enrol them in the corresponding year group.

On application you will be required to pay a non-refundable fee of $330 complete the Registration Form, submit a copy of the child’s birth certificate (or evidence of Australian citizenship) and a photo of the child. Completion of the Registration Form places a student on the School’s database from date of application. 

Junior School entry (Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Year 3 and Year 5) 

All students holding confirmed places in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten will have a pre-entry school readiness interview with the Director of Early Learning during Term 2 of the year prior to entry. Following that interview, the balance of the Admission Fee (currently $2250) will be due to be paid. Prior to attending the pre-entry or school readiness interview, parents will be asked to complete a personal information data sheet which provides the School with current contact details and other essential information. This information is collected in accordance with the School's Privacy Policy. The School requests that parents also provide two written family references from people who know their family well.

All students holding confirmed places in Year 3 will be asked to accept their place by paying the balance of the Admission Fee (currently $2250) one year prior to entry. Students holding confirmed places in Year 5 will be asked to accept their place by paying the balance of the Admission Fee (currently $2250) approximately eighteen months prior to their entry to the School. Families can request a pre-entry interview to discuss any particular needs their child may have. The School will contact you prior to your child’s entry to supply their most up to date school reports and NAPLAN results if relevant.

Students (with their parents' assistance where appropriate) will be asked to fill out an information questionnaire about their interests and activities both in and out of school, and other information. Where appropriate, copies of the student's latest two school reports, and most recent NAPLAN results, and any other supporting documents demonstrating the student's attainments in both academic and co-curricular activities are also required to be submitted to the School two weeks prior to the pre-entry interview. This information provides a complete all-round view of the student's attainments and interests.

Middle School Entry (Year 7) 

All students holding confirmed places in Year 7 will be asked to accept their place by paying the balance of the Admission Fee (currently $2250) two years prior to entry. They will have a pre-entry interview with their Head of House in Term 4 of Year 6 just prior to entry. Children who have particular learning needs (academically advanced &/or learning support), mental health, physical needs, or have another area for discussion, can request an interview prior to accepting their place. Students entering Year 7 may also be required to take a placement test in the term prior to their entry to the School, to ensure they are able to be grouped with other students appropriately for their academic development at that stage.

Alternate year entry

If a student wishes to enter in a non-intake year (ie not Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Year 3, Year 5 or Year 7) they will be placed on the waiting list until a position becomes available. Positions become available when a current student withdraws. 

Boarding entry (Year 10)

Coeducational boarding is a unique experience offered to our senior students, starting in Year 10.

Families can consider keeping their children closer to home until the end of Year 9 and then elect to enter boarding from the start of Year 10. Barker offers a range of programs that aim to support the boarders to find their role as citizens of the world. The programs have a focus on the development of life skills, personal resilience, mental fitness and encouraging students to develop their individual strengths.

With a long history of supporting country families, we give preference to students who are coming to Barker from rural and regional areas.

Country families are encouraged to get in touch with our Enrolments Office to arrange a tour of the campus and our boarding facilities.

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