The Chemistry Stage 6 course explores the structure, composition and reactions of and between all elements, compounds and mixtures that exist in the Universe. The discovery and synthesis of new compounds, the monitoring of elements and compounds in the environment, and an understanding of industrial processes and their applications to life processes are central to human progress and our ability to develop future industries and sustainability.


Chemistry Co-ordinator: Dr Katie Terrett

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Year 11

Chemistry involves using differing scales, specialised representations, explanations, predictions and creativity, especially in the development and pursuit of new materials.

It requires students to use their imagination to visualise the dynamic, minuscule world of atoms in order to gain a better understanding of how chemicals interact.

Preliminary Course topics include:

• Properties and Structure of Matter
• Introduction to Quantitative Chemistry
• Reactive Chemistry
• Drivers of Reactions

HSC Course topics include:

• Equilibrium and Acid Reactions
• Acid/base reactions
• Organic Chemistry
• Applying Chemical Ideas


The assessment in Chemistry courses could include:

• Practical tasks
• Data processing tasks
• Depth Study
• In-class tests
• Examinations