Investigating Science

The Investigating Science Course is designed to assist students of all abilities engage with scientific processes, and apply those processes to investigate relevant personal, community and global scientific issues.

The course promotes active inquiry and explores key concepts, models and phenomena. It draws and builds on the knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes gained in Science Stage 5. The Stage 6 course is designed to enhance students’ understanding of the value of evidence-based investigations and the use of science-based inquiry in their lives.


Investigating Science Co-ordinator: Kathy Haigh

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Year 11

The Investigating Science course is designed to complement the study of the science disciplines by providing additional opportunities for students to investigate and develop an understanding of scientific concepts, their current and future uses, and their impacts on science and society. The course draws on and promotes interdisciplinary science, by allowing students to investigate a wide range of STEM related issues and concepts in depth.

The Depth Studies in this course are 30 hours in Year 11 and 30 hours in Year 12. The other science courses have Depth Studies of 15 hours in Year 11 and 15 hours in Year 12.

Preliminary Course topics include:
  • Cause and Effect - Observing
  • Cause and Effect – Inferences and Generalisations
  • Scientific Models
  • Theories and Laws
HSC Course topics include:
  • Scientific Investigations
  • Technologies
  • Fact or Fallacy
  • Science and Society


  • Field Trips/Practical tasks
  • Depth Studies
  • Data Analysis
  • Examinations