Mathematics Extension 2

Co-requisites: Studied in conjunction with HSC Mathematics Extension 1 to form 4 Units for the HSC.

Pre-requisites: Preliminary 2 Unit Mathematics Advanced and Preliminary Mathematics Extension 1.

Exclusions: HSC 2 Unit Mathematics Standard and HSC 2 Unit Mathematics Advanced.


Head of Department: Graham Hanlon

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Year 12

The Mathematics Extension 2 course has a strong Calculus component, explores many of the topic areas of the Extension 1 Mathematics course in greater depth and includes the additional study of several new areas, including Complex Numbers and Mechanics. It provides a deeper and more extensive treatment of a wide variety of significant mathematical topics than is offered in any other secondary Mathematics course in Australia. Those students who wish to pursue tertiary studies in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering and some of the physical sciences will find this course of invaluable assistance and benefit. The responsibility rests with the student to check any tertiary course requirements concerning prerequisites or assumed knowledge.

During Year 12 at Barker College, students will complete the study of the remainder of the Preliminary and HSC Mathematics Extension 1 courses, as well as the HSC Extension 2 course itself.

The Mathematics Extension 2 course is only intended for students who have demonstrated an extremely high degree of competency in their study of the Mathematics Extension 1 course during Year 11. Even highly capable students who do not apply themselves appropriately or consistently enough will quickly find this course overwhelming, as it places extreme demands upon its participants. It is strongly recommended that students who wish to study this course should have gained a report mark in excess of 80% (i.e. above 40 out of 50) in the Year 11 Mathematics Extension 1 course.

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HSC Course Topics

• Complex Numbers
• Vectors
• The Nature of Proof
• Further Proof by Mathematical Induction
• Further Integration
• Applications of Calculus to Mechanics


The assessment for Mathematics Extension 2 will include a mix of in-class tests, investigation-style tasks and an examination.