Textiles and Design

The study of Textiles and Design involves the study of design, communication techniques, manufacturing methods, fibres, yarns, fabrics and the Australian Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Allied Industries.

Practical experiences, experimenting and product manufacturing are integrated throughout the content areas and include the completion of two preliminary textile projects. These projects develop each student's creative abilities and skills in designing, manipulating, experimenting and selecting appropriate fabrics for an end use.


Head of Department: Darren Woodrow
Email: dwoodrow@barker.nsw.edu.au


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Year 11

In the HSC course, students are required to complete a Major Textiles Project from one of the following focus areas: apparel, furnishings, costume, textile arts, non-apparel. In the HSC course, students are required to complete a Major Textiles Project and Folio which comprises 50% of their external mark.

Students develop an understanding of the following:

• Functional and aesthetic requirements of textiles for a range of applications
• The properties and performance of fabrics and fibres.
• The Australian Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Allied Industry
• The significance of textiles in society
• The impact of production, processing and manufacturing of textiles on the individual, society and the environment.
• Innovation and emerging textile technologies
• Historical and Cultural factors that influence design
• Contemporary design

Students develop skills in the following areas:

• Designing and manipulating textiles through the use of appropriate technologies
• Fabric colouration and decoration techniques
• Choosing appropriate textile materials and techniques to produce quality textile items
• Experimenting and testing design solutions
• Fashion drawing – incursion by Whitehouse Institute of Design
• Graphic Communication using In Design and Photoshop.
• Manufacturing
• Competently managing the processes required for the development and production of textile projects to completion.

Textiles and Design students visit the Muse Gallery and the Powerhouse Museum to view exemplary work produced by HSC students and Fashion Designers.


Task 1: ‘Art Fusion’ – Apparel item inspired by an Art Period or Movement

Task 2: Textiles Composition - Designed using the Principles and Elements of design and produced using a range of textile techniques.

Task 4: Semester 2 Examination