High Performing Athletes

At Barker, we create a community of athletes, coaches, and support staff who are dedicated to achieving excellence in Sport.

The BASE program prioritises the health and well-being of our student athletes, and our staff work closely with them to ensure that they are supported in all aspects of their lives.

Barker’s BASE program aims to:

  • Identify, guide and foster the development of high performing student athletes
  • ensure students are supported to work to their academic potential while managing their workload and training commitments
  • enable a collaborative approach whereby the School, parents, students, coaches and teams work together for the benefit of our student athletes
  • ensure the wellbeing of students within the program through ongoing mentoring and with the support of appropriate software

The program is open to all athletes in all sports who are performing and training at the highest level. If you would like further information about this exciting new program, its benefits and the unique approach that Barker is taking, please contact Mr Andy Cameron or phone 8438 7840.