Access, Traffic and Parking

Improving traffic management from day one

A significant consideration in the planning process is managing drop-off and pick-up so that the impacts of school traffic on near neighbours is reduced.

As part of the Master Plan, traffic management will be improved by increasing internal student drop-off and pick-up areas so that traffic can be managed more efficiently on Barker’s grounds. This will also have the effect of minimising queueing on public roads.

Traffic entering and exiting the School is currently controlled by a one-way system with access via the north off College Crescent and exit via the southern driveway on to College Crescent. The proposed plans have carefully considered the relationship between the internal Barker roads and roads in the local area.

A detailed traffic impact assessment is being prepared to ensure potential impacts are thoroughly assessed and mitigated. This assessment will be submitted as part of the SSDA and be available to view during public exhibition.

The approach to traffic management will also involve investing in new operational initiatives and incorporating parking in each new building.

Ensuring no net loss of parking at any time

Car parking spaces are being planned for each new building, which will ensure no net loss of parking on campus at any time, including during the construction of the new facilities.
Spaces being built associated with the master plan include:

‒ Approximately 90 basement parking spaces on the south-western corner of the Unwin Road and Clarke Road intersection.

‒ Approximately 32 basement parking spaces on the north-western corner of the Unwin Road and Clarke Road intersection.

Barker is also constantly exploring operational improvements to the use of existing parking on-campus. The School will continue to consider how parking can be better managed to increase utilisation and reduce the need and appeal of on-street parking.

Introducing a Green Travel Plan

Barker is located 350m walking distance to Waitara Station and 1km distance to Hornsby Station, and is also well-serviced by buses. As part of the Master Plan and associated upgrades to the School, Barker will actively encourage staff and students to use public transport.

Barker is developing a comprehensive Green Travel Plan to reduce the use of private cars by driving-age students, by staff and by parents dropping off and picking up students. The Green Travel Plan will accompany the SSDA and will form part of the conditions of consent.

As part of the Green Travel Plan, the School will introduce a range of measures to incentivise parents, staff and students to use public transport, walk and where it is safe to do so, cycle. Measures successfully used at other schools that are being evaluated by Barker include part payment of public transport fares, on-campus Opal card top-up and public transport information.